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Our mission is to help students provide a clear pathway towards their dream. Many students have a desire to study in foreign nation but are not aware of the process of it. This is where we help our students.


We believe that we can build a nation with great skilled manpower. We always suggest our students to make use of the skills and knowledge in our own country. Education will lead us.


Success always comes from a co-operation of great minds. Our goal is to build an institution which will remain in the minds of all the students who have fulfilled their dreams from Reunion.

Who are we ?

Reunion International Education is a leading counselling and Visa service provider in the Gandaki Province. Our main area of expertise is Visa Services for Japan. Although we also provide services for other countries, our focus remains in Japan as it is emerging as a great choice for students due to the affordable tuition fees for world class education. Also, Japan being a land of innovation and the nature of quick adaptability to modern techniques allows students to get the best education and skill set required. 

Our Services

Visa Processing

Our Visa Processing service is very simple and hassle free. We try our best to minimize the efforts that students put into their visa processing procedure. Once we check all your documents then leave it up to us for the visa processing.

Career Counselling

The decision to study abroad after 12th grade or bachelor’s is a big decision. In this period, proper guidance is required from experienced and knowledgeable persons. Taking decision without prior research can lead to loss of time and money. This is where we help you.

Language Classes

Learning the native language of the destination country is mandatory for some countries. We have best tutors available with years of expertise in the field. We provide Japanese, Korean, Chinese and German Language classes. Remember us for quality language classes.

Test Preparation

After learning a certain foreign language, you may want to appear for a test to be certified. We will guide you with all the available and new test materials to make sure you get the best results. Language certifications are required to enroll in foreign universities in countries like Japan, China and Korea.

Study Abroad

Reunion International Education Center was established with the motive to provide students with the easiest visa processing experience and genuine consultation.

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